September 24, 2023

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Sustainability challenges in automotive – Just Auto


The most current situation of our quarterly Just Auto Magazine is now available to download.

The unique concept for this edition is sustainability problems in the automotive sector. Sustainability for businesses in the automotive sector takes many kinds. In Difficulty 14 of the quarterly Just Car Magazine we appear at new improvements and systems that can raise sustainability.

The version incorporates:

How swiftly is the strength changeover occurring? It varies. There are quite a few various factors at operate throughout the planet, using location at various speeds and under the affect of myriad regional aspects. In Europe, the decline of diesel share in the vehicle current market has been rapid and its drop is forecast to continue. The numbers are stark (see our article in this version) and no-a single wants to be left standing in what could transform out to be a Kodak minute.

Still on powertrain, Renault not too long ago gave us some intriguing insights into its prolonged-phrase strategies when it confirmed a hydrogen-powered car strategy that could be commercially offered immediately after 2030. The corporation also claimed the concept’s exterior reveals the styles and design of a new all-electrical family members design that will be promoted in 2024. Take a appear at the Renault Scenic Vision strategy in our news area.

As we enter the second 50 percent of the calendar year, lots of will be asking wherever demand and manufacturing footprints are heading. With the world-wide Mild Auto potential utilisation level at a history lower for this century, are we heading for a spate of plant closures? It is a fantastic question.

As ever, there’s a great deal for us all to feel about in an market facing big strategic issues and transformation in advance, as nicely as far more fast headwinds.

Just Auto Journal Difficulty 14

Dave Leggett, Editor


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