Women Motorcycle Travelers Packing List

Let’s be honest, packing is not easy for most people and A-types can have a bag ready in a jiffy. The rest of humanity spends time hemming and hawing until the trip begins. What if I don’t bring X and Y happens? Or we may decide to do X so I need to carry Z.

Over packing is a chronic disease that most of us suffer from. Motorcycles are a lifesaver because the space is so limited over packing isn’t an option. I have learnt to adopt a minimalist approach to packing when going for a riding trip. Regardless of if you are packing for four days, two weeks, or a month, the packing list consists of pretty much the same things.

Remember, it’s normal to forget something… it’s happened to the best of us. But, convenience stores are almost everywhere you go for this purpose. Chill out, and go buy it.  Let’s look at some general packing tips before getting into the moto packing list.

  • Go for practicality and durability when choosing the clothes to pack.  You don’t have to be a fashionista, stick to essentials. Go for braided hair under your helmet. The goal is to reduce hair management and feminine hygiene products.
  • Utilize laundry services at the hotels or you can DIY using Scrubba. It’s that one time you challenge yourself to be low-maintenance.
  • Have some identification on your panniers or bags.
  • Don’t carry valuables you’d be heartbroken if they are lost e.g. jewelries, electronics, etc.
  • For any allergies or prescription you have to remember to carry medicine.
  • Have waterproof motorcycle gear. That is rain jacket, pants, summer or winter gloves, riding boots, etc. You can get a rain gear from a motorcycle parts dealer.
  • For towels, get a camper’s towel as it’s thinner and smaller than a regular bath towel.

Now onto the list. However, keep your duration in mind.  For 2 days:

  • 1 denim jeans
  • 1 comfortable walking khakis, pants, or chinos.
  • 3 to 4 underwear.
  • 2-3 pairs of riding socks.
  • 3-4 tank tops, t-shirts, or blouses.
  • 1 fleece jacket.
  • 1 pair of comfortable walking shoes, sandals, or flip flops.

Optional: comfortable dress, hat, bathing suit, long underwear pants and tops

Don’t forget the toiletries. Toothpaste, toothbrush, face cleansers, lip balm, sunscreen, floss, and moisturizer.

A compression sack is one of the best bags to carry your luggage. Everything stays organized and prevents it from spilling out. It’s also very easy to carry. With packing, practice makes perfect and it gets better every time.