July 18, 2024

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Why Mobile Bumper Repair is Better Than Over-the-Counter Auto Body Repair Kits

Why Mobile Bumper Repair is Better Than Over-the-Counter Auto Body Repair Kits

Anyone who has ever been in an accident or been on the receiving end of a ding on the plastic bumper knows that they can be one of the most difficult parts to repair using over-the-counter auto body repair kits or do-it-yourself techniques.

At first, it seems easy enough. A filler is used to patch any cracks or holes, and you simply allow it to dry, sand it to the right finish, and paint with a carefully-selected matching store-bought paint. Unfortunately, it is rarely this easy. When done professionally, the techniques used in plastic bumper repair are actually a little more detailed – and a lot more focused on creating near-perfect results.

The Real Costs of Plastic Bumper Repair

Most car owners turn to do-it-yourself repair for plastic bumpers because they are hesitant to turn to professional help at traditional body repair shops. It’s no small wonder. Most traditional repair shops have a reputation for creating great results at sky-high costs. In many of these types of facilities, bumper repair can cost upwards of $800, which is higher than many insurance deductibles.

In addition to the typical problems with over-the-counter auto body repair kits for plastic bumper repair – including incorrectly applied filler, unmatched paint, and other results that look worse than the dent or scratch itself – it can actually be more expensive to fix a bungled repair job than it would have been to go to one of the expensive body shops in the first place.

The Mobile Bumper Repair Solution

Fortunately, there is an option that falls between these two extremes. Mobile bumper repair specialists, a growing trend in the automotive repair industry, offer quick and professional results at a fraction of the cost of traditional body shops. You get the same finish that comes with the more expensive solution, but with a price tag closer to the higher-end do-it-yourself kits.

Many of these types of facilities are mobile and offer quality guarantees, as well. This means that in addition to getting a professional result that maintains your car’s value, you don’t have to worry about long waits at the repair shop or the need for a rental car – two more reasons many people turn to self-repairs.

We all know that saving money is important in today’s economy. Before you go out and buy an over-the-counter auto body repair kit that may offer only a temporary or sub-par solution, it’s best to remember that you can get professional plastic bumper repair at a fraction of the traditional cost.