November 29, 2022

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Why does the Tesla stock price rise more than other car makers?

From an appealing perspective, The New York Times compares the Model S to the incredible Sedan, which is more than double the base price of the Model S. Product pricing strategy Companies’ prices must support and reflect specific marketing. In particular, prices should be in line with the company’s objectives and strategies. Like Apple Computer, Tesla represents a premium brand and you can apply a premium pricing strategy to its products.

New technologies tend to be expensive all the time, so it makes sense to start with the Tesla (NASDAQ TSLA) Roadster, which is a high-quality and relatively expensive ($ 100,000) model. This strategy takes into account the high/low unit prices of typical marketing models for new technologies. Tesla Roadster has laid a solid foundation for the brand. Model S creates a great platform on which Tesla can significantly expand its brand. Tesla Model S vehicle design reinforces the BEV brand.

It’s gender-neutral, progressive and unique, even if it’s quirky, futuristic, or not overly avant-garde. He is ready to run on the fashion runway. The strength of your brand has already been strengthened by independent authorities. For example, Advertising Age selected Tesla as one of America’s Most Popular Brands in a special report on the 50 Best Brands of the Year. Building on Apple’s successful branding strategy, Tesla develops innovative products focused on technology hub strategies.

Tesla BEV and Model S Roadster serve as technology hubs for other product technology lines, including batteries and power train components, power technology, and additional BEV lines. By comparison, Apple’s branding strategy involves creating innovative products and services in line with the Digital Center strategy.


Given the solidarity of unique market forces, the battery electric vehicle market is poised to experience explosive growth. Some of these manufacturers are significantly larger than Tesla and offer significant advantages in terms of pricing, marketing, and manufacturing. Another strategy to consider is to expand the Tesla brand in the luxury car segment as planned and then acquire it from a major automaker that is well-positioned to expand the brand to a wider consumer segment. This is positioning. Tesla needs to be aware of this approach. In this regard, Tesla faces several important challenges. The main goal is to make the Tesla brand a small, high-end electric vehicle brand that can compete with its positions in the BMW and Mercedes markets.  Before buying the stock of Tesla, you can check its cash flow at

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