June 22, 2024

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What Is the Real Reason for High Gas Prices?


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When gas costs spike, we argue.

It is the current president’s fault. It’s the former president’s fault. It is about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and on and on.

Now Yahoo! Finance columnist Rick Newman indicates that politics and war are not the complications, but straightforward economics are.

Newman states that even though sanctions in opposition to Russian oil play a element, oil businesses are reluctant to make additional oil mainly because if they overproduce, they’ll see their gains sink.

He details to an oversupply condition that existed from 2015 to 2020, and how profits cratered for the duration of that time, right before the coronavirus pandemic manufactured the predicament even even worse.

There have been some calls for the Biden administration to allow for additional drilling, but Newman cites a policy professional who claims that it won’t issue: “The amount of oil and gas leasing the Biden administration has performed tends to make completely no variance in the amount of oil and gas we’re making appropriate now,” claimed Samantha Gross, director of the power security and local weather initiative at the Brookings Establishment.
“These issues just take a whilst. The field tends to have a backlog they’re figuring out what to do with.”

Newman also notes that the Biden admin has been criticized by environmentalists for making it possible for way too significantly drilling, and that most drilling takes location on personal land — that means there’s no will need for federal permits anyway.

I’m not defending or critiquing the admin right here, nor am I analyzing Newman’s promises. Though I/we do that sometimes in this article, I am not well-versed in the oil sector plenty of to seriously know if he’s correct or not. But I did find the piece intriguing as a possible explainer for what’s occurring with gasoline prices.

I’m also a admirer of Occam’s Razor — the most basic explanation is the most likely. It seems to me that for all the hullabaloo about gas rates, it’s probably that easy enterprise realities, and not political decisions, are the lead to of high charges at the pump.

Newman may perhaps or may well not be suitable, but it’s foodstuff for thought.

[Image: Shutterstock.com/ALPA PROD]

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