Porsche 919 Evo Hybrid at the Nürburgring

That Time When The Porsche 919 Evo Hybrid Blitzed The Nürburgring


By Ted Fullerton, April 13, 2022


I know, I know, we in this article at DCB HQ have eliminated ourselves from the overhyped myth that is the Nurburgring. The distinct problem we have is with the monitor, it is too narrow, as well perilous to enjoy. There is no circulation to the format, it is accelerating, brake, and hope you really don’t spin-off. And at 13 miles, the Nurburgring is also as well prolonged.

The other situation we have is that the monitor is like hoping to remember exactly where you remaining the Television remote. And we could rant on about why we loathe the Nurburgring. That becoming reported we recently revisited the instant when Porsche established a benchmark time of 5:19.546 Minutes in the 919 Evo Hybrid.

The Porsche 919 Evo Hybrid is dependent on the Le Mans WEC Environment Endurance Championship winner of 2015, 2016 and 2017. Porsche modified the powertrain, specifically for the now famous and final Nurburging benchmark time. A lap-time that stays unbeaten to this day.

The 919 Evo Hybrid is powered by a 2. L (122 cu in) immediate-injected turbocharged V4 engine with a lithium-ion battery for electricity restoration,

With the motor and electric powered motors, the 919 Evo Hybrid outputs a full process electricity of 1,150bhp in a motor vehicle weighing 849kg.

With fantastic electric power comes fantastic commitment and the manner in which Timo Bernard piloted the 919 is amazing and terrifying at the exact time.

Porsche 919 Evo Hybrid at the Nürburgring


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