June 22, 2024

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Score free upgrades on your next rental car:

KMS | Dasbor

When we arrive at the car rental agency and we see the rows of shiny cars, we all hope to have our budget hatchback upgraded to a luxury sedan or SUV for free. There’s nothing like driving on the best toll passes for rental cars that have been upgraded than in an executive vehicle brimming with the latest technology. Choosing the rental car to suit your budget is difficult with all the temptation of the other vehicles available. That is why reading reviews helps to make decisions. Don’t forget to share your review of your experience, too.

The best way to score free upgrades on your next rental car is to make use of your favorite loyalty programs. These can range from your credit card type that collect travel points, a car rental company’s own in-house loyalty reward program, or another third-party rewards program you use for a variety of different purchases. These points are accrued over time and you’ll receive regular rewards such as free upgrades and other incentives during the year.

Have you ever seen those TV shows about extreme couponing? They’re popular for a reason: they’re highlighting how average people can scoop major rewards and discounts on purchases. Keep an eye out for online coupons, vouchers, and other rewards from car rental companies and travel companies. Some coupons will allow you to use them when strung together or are eligible for free upgrades on programs for insurance, mileage, and vehicle type.

Another way to score a few more bucks from the rental car company are to use your credit cards to cover the insurance. Well, MasterCard and Visa credit cards actually cover the rental car insurance. That will help you to score even more points for your next rental car purchase as well as earn more rewards with your credit card company.

Don’t forget that rental car agency workers are just as tired as you are after a long day at the office. By being nice, and sincere, in your interactions with them, they’ll be more likely to help you. They usually have a few rental cars they’d like to move off their parking lots. That means that you might get a larger car, or one from a higher rating group for the same price as the budget hatchback you’d booked.

There’s another trick that works to grabbing an upgrade. Book your rental car pickup at the busiest times, such as early on Monday mornings or late in the afternoons during the week. You’re sure to find that the rental car company has a very limited stock list of budget vehicles at those times, so they’d be more likely to hand you the keys to a more expensive and fancier rental car for the same price. That’s a win-win for you and for the rental car company.

Fill up your rental car as close to the drop-off point as you can. The less fuel they will need to fill up on your return means that they’ll charge you less after you’ve handed the keys in.