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QuadAir Drone Scam Exposed (Do Not Buy!) First Read These Quad Air Drone Reviews | Ask The Experts



Drones are fast becoming the must-have tech gadget in cinematography and filmmaking. The need to have aerial shots has increased tremendously. While back in the day, these devices were very costly and limited to professionals alone, individuals nowadays own a drone and use them in their everyday lives to capture important moments and shoot awesome videos.




Therefore, there are several drones in the market. Depending on the budget, there is almost a drone for everyone, but the quality and features will differ. What you need is a pocket-friendly drone that does the job.


Quadair is a top-quality drone with an advanced flight control system, efficient blades and motor, a great battery system that avoids crashing mid-air due to power drainage, and excellent stability to create great aerial video and photography.


QuadAir Drone Review

Quadair drone outright has its perks and features, but there are some undeniable facts that give it an edge over other drones in the market. For one, it has made it possible for people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to a drone to create high-display aerial photos and videos at no extra cost. No more should one need to hire a drone pilot due to the cost of owning one or renting a drone to create their content. Quadair has made the availability of drones skyrocket.


The drone is reasonably priced and easy to operate by both a total noob and an American Film Institute graduate. Thanks to its gravity sensor, flying into obstacles will be near impossible. This portable quadcopter is furnished with a high-quality camera and several flight modes to meet different needs.


This Quadair Drone reviews this device’s features and components, from its foldable propellers, lighting, size, flight time, speed, website, and some undisclosed rumors. In the end, you will find out why this drone is in high demand by customers who no longer want to miss a memorable moment in their lives and just how much money you could save when using the Quadair Drone with an analysis of some scam reports.



Here are the drone specifications, as it is imperative to know what to expect before buying Quadair so as not to end up being dissatisfied.

  • HD 1080p Camera: The video quality that the Quadair drone offers is 1080p and 60 frames per second. What this implies is that your videos and photos will come out great. And although this isn’t up to par with 4K display cameras, for a drone under $100, I’ll take it.

  • Frequency: Drones interact using radio waves, measured in Hertz. The remote and the drone both transmit and receive signals, and the higher the frequency, the better the performance. The frequency of the Quad air drone is 2.4GHz.

  • Battery: A 3.7 volts 500mHh Lithium battery is enclosed in the delivery of the device. It is removable and chargeable using a USB cable.

  • Use Time: At a full charge, the drone has a running time of approximately 20 minutes. At almost half an hour of use, the used battery can then be replaced and used for another 20 minutes, thereby minimizing the interruptions of your shoot.

  • Charging Time: The device is expected to come to a full charge after 90 minutes.

  • WiFi Transmission: While some drones are restricted to Bluetooth connectivity, which is very limited in distance traveled (≈ 100 m), Quadair drone uses WiFi connectivity.

  • Altitude Hold: This is a feature in drones that enables them to hover at a stable altitude without input by the pilot and regardless of external factors like wind, humidity, etc.

  • Foldable Propellers: The propellers of the Quadair drone can be folded to further reduce the size of the device when packing up and transporting it and further protect the blades from breakage or bending.

  • One Key Return: When your Quad air drone takes off, it sets the GPS position as its home point. The One key return feature recalls the drone back to its home point from anywhere it might have been flown to.

  • 6-axis Gyroscope and 3D flip Function: These two work jointly to enable the drone to do a 360-degree rotation.

  • Speed: The Quadair drone is reported to fly at a top speed of 30 mph.


How Far Can You Fly A Quadair Drone?

The distance at which you can fly a drone balls down on its operating frequency. While a 5GHz drone is faster, a 2.4GHz counterpart will travel farther. The only setback, however, is that it is prone to a weak or unstable connection in a busy city. 


The Quadair drone can fly as far as its frequency band allows. Having a 2.4GHz frequency, it is expected to travel a distance of 1.6 km but can go further provided there are no obstacles and noise.


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This Quadair Drone Review will be incomplete without touching base on the features of this quadcopter. Here we go:


Portable: People like to travel light. And when other gadgets take up most of the space, this device’s portability and light weight make it transportable with pure ease. With foldable propellers, you can sneak this device into any space, from your suitcase, backpack, sling bag, etc., without worrying about damaging it.


Lightweight: With a weight of 3.1 ounces, the drone can be carried around by both kids and adults.


Slow Motion: Slow motion is now a leading trend in videography. It helps highlight certain moments of your trips and tours and gives a fresh feel to videos. This feature is available in this drone. And which Tiktoker doesn’t like slow-mo?

FPV (First-person view) Capability: First-person view on drones is the feature that allows you to see the view from the drone’s eyes and feel like you’re floating on air, meaning that you see what the drone sees right on your smartphone’s screen and capture memorable moments.

Gravity Sensors: Not everyone is an expert drone pilot, and even professionals are prone to mistakes. The gravity sensors detect impending collision in a path or when landing and avoids them.


HD Photographs and Videos: What use are videos and photos if they’re of poor quality? Enjoy high-definition photos and videos at 1080p and 60 fps whenever you use this device.


Wide angles of lens: Covering a large area with mobile phones or other devices could be a challenge. With the 120-degree wide-angle lens on the Quadair drone, you can get a better natural panoramic view, as the lens opens to fit the view and can cover the full location at a go.


Endurance: This is not a drone that is damaged after coming in contact with an obstacle. With production using quality materials, it overcomes easy damages and lasts long, giving it more value for your money.


20 Minutes of Flight Time: With an average of 20 minutes of flying time, this drone can, with a single charge, take multiple pictures and video clips as opposed to counterparts that barely fly for more than 5 minutes. For a drone this size, the battery life is impeccable.


One key operation: There could be instances when you fly your drone too far that it gets out of sight. The one key button, when pressed, will literally “call” the drone home–home being its take-off point. This way, you safeguard your device from getting lost, hitting obstacles, or getting trapped in trees.


All Skill Levels: Novice or pro, it doesn’t matter. Even kids can fly the drone. It’s that easy to control, as it has an easy setup. You can have your Quad air drone in the air within minutes of having it.


QuadAir Drone Scam

There are many Quad air drone scam reports and reviews across the internet on blogs and YouTube, and while the reasons for their conclusions are valid, they come from a place of misconception and misinformation. Here, I’ll highlight several reasons why people might call the Quadair drone a scam.


Where they Ordered from: To put in plain terms, the internet is unpredictable, and you’re one ad away from buying a fake or never getting your order. You wouldn’t expect a knockoff to work the same way as the original. You need to order the Quadair drone from the official website.


Comparing to Elite Drones: You would ultimately call Quadair drone a scam when you compare it in light to high-end sophisticated industry-standard drones like the Freefly Alta 8 (≈$17,000) and AZ 4K UHD Camera Drone (≈$9,000). They are years ahead in almost every aspect.


All in all, just know what to expect–A quadcopter with a 2.4GHz frequency, 1080p video resolution, 20-25 minutes battery life, motion and gesture sensor, one key feature, 3D flip, slo-mo. All these for a drone that costs less than $100 shouldn’t look like a scam, and it’s definitely worth the money.


Price & QuadAir Drone For Sale

The drone is available in three packages on its official website, each with discounts.

  • Beginner Pack: This is for a single unit piece of the drone and costs $99.00

  • Aviator Pack: Three units at $65.67 each, $197.00 in total, thereby saving you up to $249.98

  • Pro Pilot: At $297.00, this package gets you 5 pieces of the Quadair drone, saving you $448.00 at $59.40 a piece.


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What Does The Delivery Package Come With?

Enclosed in your delivery, you will find these:


  • 1 QuadAir Drone

  • 4 x prop guards

  • 1 x Remote

  • 1 x USB Charger cord

  • 2 replacement props

  • A little screwdriver

  • 1 x 500maH battery


Is The QuadAir Drone Any Good?

Is the Quadair drone any good? So far, with this review, one should already be able to decide whether the drone is right for them. Anyway, here are the benefits of the QuadAir drone.


Suits any weather

With a rust-resistant surface, the drone can be used in any weather, windy or sunny, and doesn’t really thwart by the wind. Although it’s not advisable to use when there is heavy rainfall, it generally works fine outdoors.


Good for filmmaking

Have a future filmmaking career? This drone could get you off to a good start. It can help get quality videos for practicing editing and videography. It is also ideal for taking on trips, hiking, the beach, and capturing those memorable events.


Ideal for many occasions

It has a multi-functional use, from covering events at seminars, picnics, birthday or wedding shoots, car racing events, fishing trips, family functions, etc., the Quadair drone is at your disposal.


Affordable Price

As an American-owned product, the manufacturers took into consideration the quality of the device while still not making you break the bank. This drone is more affordable than others with lesser functionalities, and it ships from the United States.


Rich design

The sleek contemporary design of the Quadair drone is a must-mention feature. It gives the device a sophisticated look and the ability to blend into any space or background.


Easy to fly

You do not need to take a course or get a certification to fly the drone. It is easy to set up/configure and fly. With powerful motors and gravity sensors, your 8-year-old would have this drone in the air in no time, taking photos and videos without crashing it.


Great speed

No one wants a slow, boring drone. Quadair drone has a good speed, which can be adjusted depending on who is piloting the device, and a smart control system. But be careful, though, when just starting out to avoid damaging it or, in a worse case, misplacing it.


Refund Policy

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on every order. If, after reading this review and you buy the Quadair drone but end up being dissatisfied for whatever reason, you are eligible for a 100% refund within 30 days of your order.


The QuadAir Drone App

A mobile app is used to connect to the drone. In that way, the camera view will be displayed on your phone screen. Since the Quadair drone doesn’t have an external storage slot, this is a way to store your videos and photos. Download the app on Google Playstore or App store, and you should scan the QR code in the user manual for the app download link and step-by-step instructions on linking your smartphone to your drone.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Quadair drone battery last?

The drone is equipped with a 500maH battery that lasts 20-25 minutes on a full charge of about 1hr. 30 mins. 


Is QuadAir a good drone?

For all it boasts of providing in terms of features highlighted in this review, it definitely is a good drone. 


How fast is a QuadAir drone?

The Quadair drone is reported to have a top speed of 30 mph.


Does QuadAir drone have GPS?

Absolutely! It has GPS and WiFi functionalities.


Does QuadAir drone have obstacle avoidance?

Yes, it does. With gravity and motion sensors, the drone makes it difficult to bump into obstacles.


Should I buy a Quadair drone on Amazon?

Although it could be available for sale on third-party websites, clone drones could be advertised as the main gadget. The best bet of getting the real legit Quadair drone is to buy it on the company’s official website.


Affiliate Disclosure:

The links contained in this product review may result in a small commission if you resolve to purchase the recommended product at no additional cost to you.


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