November 27, 2022

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Is the 2023 Kia Telluride Still Top of the Heap?


Since Kia unveiled the Telluride a few years in the past, it has been one of the most desirable 3 row crossovers on the current market, combining ability, luxury, design, and price in an beautiful package that’s just the correct sizing for people. The factor that has constrained the Telluride most has been its availability in the market, with Kia claiming an regular of 4 times in between supply and sales at the dealership.

Also, Covid-19 production stoppages and source chain troubles limited the volume of available cars in the earlier two many years. Despite this, the Telluride has continued to be a prime pick by automotive journalists and customers alike.

Nonetheless, the market can change quickly and suppliers need to adapt to maintain up. Kia, for its part, has now taken the covers off the refreshed 2023 Telluride, which is a pretty slight update to its profitable bundle. Is this facelifted Telluride more than enough to keep it on top of the significant crossover section?

From the exterior, this is obviously a subtle transform: the entrance and rear bumpers have been chiseled by Kia’s structure staff to show up much more upright with greater outlined and much more integrated details. For illustration, the front air ingestion down below the grille is now improved integrated into the face of the car or truck. The grille itself has also been slightly squared off on the edges to give a beefier visual appeal. The Telluride’s headlights have been fully updated, shedding the halo effect daytime managing lights and including a a lot more upright linear topic that seems additional modern-day but has sparked a good deal of criticism from individuals who liked the amber halos of the pre-facelift model.

The taillights have been revised as nicely, showing up more purposeful and continuing the LED sample into the tailgate although shifting the reverse lamps to the decrease bumper. Some new colors and new wheel styles have been extra, and the common Dusk version has been replaced by the X-Line trim amount which comes in a styling-only X-Line variation and an X-Pro trim that consists of more compact wheels and larger all-terrain tires with some other smaller mechanical updates to make the X-Pro slightly extra able off-highway (just really don’t confuse this additional capability with a genuine human body-on-frame off-roader).

On the inside of, the previous far more classic dashboard has been replaced by a two-monitor set up with 12.3” displays for both equally the gauge cluster and the infotainment interface. This delivers the Telluride in line with other new Kia models which contain this dual-screen setup, and helps make the Telluride’s inside experience extremely a great deal like an Escalade on a budget. Further than the sprint, the seating patterns are more rugged for 2023, but very little else definitely variations on the inside of.


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