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Chrysler LeBaron Turbine Concept

Chrysler LeBaron Turbine Thought

Forgotten Concepts, Forgotten Concepts

This is an installment in a series of posts seeking back on present cars and trucks that we sense deserved a small far more interest than they acquired. If you have a recommendation for a Neglected Notion topic, make sure you shoot us a line or depart a comment beneath.

Chrysler LeBaron Turbine

First Witnessed: 1977

Description: Turbine-run midsize coupe

Income Pitch: “Turbine idea with a new dramatic aerodynamic layout.”

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Chrysler LeBaron Turbine Concept

Chrysler LeBaron Turbine Strategy


Nevertheless not a idea motor vehicle in the standard “show car” sense—it was by no means found on the automobile-demonstrate circuit—the Chrysler LeBaron Turbine did characteristic an advanced-know-how engine and predictive style features. The principle motor vehicle was crafted working with a production “M-Body” Chrysler LeBaron coupe showcasing a variety of style and design modifications, like a revamped entrance end.

Run by the seventh technology of Chrysler’s turbine engine—which mated to a 3-pace computerized transmission—the LeBaron notion was mentioned to be capable of working on any of a variety of hydrocarbon fuels, including diesel, kerosene, coal oil, and alcoholic beverages, though its powerplant was tuned for gasoline. The LeBaron’s engine was rated in the beginning at 104 horsepower—about the exact same as a Chrysler 6-cylinder engine of the day—and was later on tweaked for 125 hp.

The thought vehicle was produced doable by a grant from the U.S. Section of Electricity, which may perhaps clarify why the LeBaron notion was never ever exhibited at automobile reveals. Chrysler claimed that the LeBaron Turbine improved on the disappointing gasoline economy noticed in earlier Chrysler turbine vehicles, though that was not a large achievement–the concept’s gas financial system was even now no superior than a similar 1977 production car. Furthermore, the LeBaron thought did not improve on the other drivability challenges that plagued turbine engines, this sort of as lengthy begin-up situations and pronounced throttle lag.

Chrysler ran into serious financial problems in the late Seventies that stalled turbine-car advancement, and the application was formally retired in 1983. Sharp-eyed observers will be aware the extent to which the LeBaron strategy affected Chrysler’s 1981-1983 Imperial, a image of which can be observed beneath.

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1977 Chrysler LeBaron

1977 Chrysler LeBaron

CG Claims:

In criminal offense, motive is all the things, but what about automotive engineering? The multi-10 years momentum of Chrysler’s turbine plan is evidence that mission creep is not constrained to just war and colonialism. What began in the Fifties as way to make a lot quicker, smoother-running automobiles had morphed into an option-gas, higher-mileage task by the Seventies—this inspite of the simple fact that the turbine engine by no means shown any critical opportunity as an productive automotive powerplant.

However, just as Mazda carries on to conquer the Wankel-rotor drum (although less loudly these days), Chrysler would not give up on the turbine motor. The good thing is for vehicle fanatics, the company’s substitute-motor method did develop two quite distinctive-hunting vehicles for us to look again on and love.

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Chrysler LeBaron Turbine Concept

Chrysler LeBaron Turbine Principle

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