May 23, 2024

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Automotive rocks Wishes You A Happy Independence Day! Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, And Have Some Fun!


On behalf of myself, Brian Lohnes, Brian McTaggart, and all our families, would like to wish you all a pleased, wholesome, and protected Independence Working day. Content Birthday to the United States of America! We’re 246 many years previous right now, and with all the craziness, the divisiveness, the dislike, and concern that has gripped our country, let’s get today to recall one particular truth of the matter. Freedom. It defines us. It is what offers us the skill, the proper, the privilege to disagree and to be vocal about it. This special day in our heritage is not about fireworks, or very hot rods, or incredibly hot pet dogs, it’s about independence. Liberty to love individuals matters, to relish them, and to express our passions.

On this working day recall, and celebrate, people that came prior to us and assisted variety this good land of ours. The guys and women of our past have pushed, sacrificed, and persevered so that this place would proceed to improve and prosper. We owe it to them, and these generations to come, to do our very best to continue to keep our nation secure and prosperous. Rejoice our freedom, celebrate our heritage, and rejoice your families. As normal we’ll be working on our junk, covering races, and talking hot rods and racing currently and we hope you will be far too. Enjoy a beverage or a few, a incredibly hot pet or hamburger or 3, and be safe and sound. That is what nowadays is about.

We like you, we really like these United States of The united states, and we want you to assume about that as you love the weekend off. Try to remember the United in United States of The us. We could not generally concur with each and every other, but we will have to stay United in purchase to satisfy our pledge to this wonderful country. A lot of have sacrificed their lives and families to guard that unity, do not tarnish it with hate and divisiveness. Thank you to all our lively army, veterans, and initially responders for retaining us protected and united. We couldn’t have finished it devoid of you. out?v=V-o-WB7lDqg


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