July 18, 2024

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A Beginner’s Guide to Electric Car Motors

A Beginner’s Guide to Electric Car Motors

At the heart of the electric car is the motor. Similar to the function of the car’s internal combustion engine, the motor provides all the motive power of the electric car. It is the means through which the car is able to move. Without the motor, electric car would not be able to work.

The electric motor picks its power from the car’s batteries. It operates in the same way as the generator except that it provides movement instead of power for the car.

The type of motor you use in electric car will affect the price. The reason is, there are many kinds of motors depending on the preferences of the buyer. There are motors that provide high torque, others that provide high acceleration; others consume a lot of power and others that are just of superiorly long lasting quality. So depending on the choice of the buyer the electric car will be fitted with one kind of motor or the other.

One common electric car motor is the WarP Series DC motors. This type provides greater torque. It is by far the most common motor found in electric cars, especially mid priced ones.

Next comes the Advanced DC Series wound motor. It is mostly in black color and also quite common with mid sized electric cars.

Most of the motors you will find in large electric cars are the Permanent Magnet DC electric motors and they are considered the best quality. They are therefore expensive. The biggest advantage with them is, they are able to provide the motive power for large vehicles.

Phase AC induction motors are common type found in small electric cars. They have smaller motive power but very economical in battery power utilization.