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6 Best RV GPS Apps For Safe & Fun Route In 2022


Route planning & navigation are the two most important aspects of an RV adventure trip.

Usually, RV beginners want to explore new locations without getting lost or stressing out on the roads. Here, you’ve to depend on state-of-art software apps.

There is a wide range of RV GPS apps to help you navigate easily. Well, not just navigation, these apps come with exclusive features. You can discover the best campgrounds, petrol pumps, restaurants, etc. Let’s explore some of the best-rated apps available for iOS & Android devices.

List Of Best RV GPS Apps

1. Google Maps

  • Users: 10,000,000,000+
  • Ratings: 3.9 rated by 1,52,18,726+ Google Map users
  • Price: Free
  • Download: iOS, Android, Web

Google is the most reliable, and up to date resource for any kind of information. In case of navigation, Google launched Maps on 8th February 2005. The free navigation app offers satellite images & aerial photography from a mobile app or browser.

Google Maps GPS
Google Maps GPS


  • Multiple languages
  • Real-time location sharing
  • Add contributions in real-time
  • Find new places
  • Get real-time updates
  • Offline functionality
  • Street view

Google Maps is an excellent app. It works smoothly with multiple transportations – cars, bikes, etc. However, there are many restrictions for RV trips.

2. CoPilot GPS

  • Users:  5,000,000+ on Android
  • Ratings: 3.5 rated by 1,03,740+ CoPilot users
  • Price: Free trial + an annual subscription at $29.99
  • Download: iOS or Android

CoPilot is a specially designed RV GPS app trusted by millions of RV users. This freemium app allows adventure lovers to explore unknown locations and collect memories with loved ones. It was designed and created by Trimble corporation, one of the best companies in transportation & connecting chain solutions.

CoPilot GPS App
CoPilot GPS Logo


  • 2D & 3D versions with detailed information & road signs
  • Specialised routes and directions for RV & Motorhomes
  • Offline map
  • Over 150 countries with millions of pre-downloaded places, campsites, petrol stations, and rest areas
  • Excellent signs with lane indicator, etc.
  • Excellent audio navigation with speed limit indicators
  • Clear & easy to use direction designed to reduce distraction for RV users
  • Trip planning & multi-stop optimization
  • Suggestion for alternative routes
  • Online search by Yelp search engine

In addition, CoPilot requires a mobile internet connection because it needs additional map upgrades over time. Also, RV navigation is not available for all regions. CoPilot also offers a car & truck navigation feature.

3. RV Life GPS

  • Users: 100,000+ on Android & 1million on iOS
  • Ratings:  4.6 rated by 14.4k RVers
  • Price: Free + paid subscription for Annual & Month
  • Download: iOS or Android

Used by over 1 million RVers, RV Life is a must-have mobile app for RV users. It is a community-driven GPS navigational app with a vision to offer safe RV adventure.

RV Life GPS App
RV Life GPS Logo

It also comes with RV Trip Wizard integration, which helps you plan trips, RV maintenance tracker, search feature & other benefits. Like CoPilot, you can save time, choose safe and recommended routes, and explore the best campgrounds in the world. Designed by RVers for RVers, RV Life offers custom navigation based on your RV dimensions and more such features. Some of them are given below:


  • Customised RV routes
  • Turn-by-turn navigation with voice and lane guidance
  • Offline maps
  • 25,000+ campgrounds with rear users reviews
  • 6,500+ RV related articles
  • Over 114,252 cities and towns covered
  • Over 111,663 tips about locations
  • 10 million points of Campground data
  • Include RV Life Trip Wizard to plan a trip
  • Search state, campgrounds, etc.
  • Tips & suggestions
  • Q&A feature

If you choose Wizard membership, then you also get features such as 57,000+ points unique places, cost calculator, gas fuel calculator, various online tools – Export data to excel, calendar, GPS, etc. Moreover, RV Life app comes with optional in-app purchase options – $49.99/year & $19.99/month.

4. inRoute GPS

  • Users: Only on iOS
  • Ratings: 4.6 rated by 5.7k RVers
  • Price: Free trial + paid subscription for Annual & Month
  • Download: iOS

Next RV GPS app is a smart solution provided by Carobapps. Unlike other apps in the list, inRoute checks & measures important metrics such as road elevations & curves with other important metrics, which might affect your RV tour.

inRoute GPS App

In addition, it continuously monitors weather and gives you customised routes accordingly. As per the company, inRoute has been featured as the best new app for navigation in the USA. Should we check more features?


  • Voice-guided, turn by turn directions
  • Import feature from XLSX, GPX & KML files
  • Interactive charts representation which shows – elevation, curves, weather, & sunrise/sunset timing
  • Search nearby gas stations, hotels, campgrounds, or restaurants
  • Share routes with family & friends via sync or Airprint
  • Export route to multiple apps – Apple Maps, Google Maps, Navigon, etc.
  • Works offline

You can experience a 1-week free trial version before purchasing at $4.99 monthly or $39.99 annually. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, CarPlay & Mac devices only.


  • Price may vary by location
  • Automatic weather alerts will work in the US, Canada & EU only

5. AllStays (Camp & RV – Tent & RV Camping)

  • Users: Only on iOS
  • Ratings: 4.6 rated by 3.6k RVers
  • Price: One-time purchase
  • Download: iOS

One of the oldest map navigations for RVs and Motorhomes. AllStayswas started over 22 years ago and remains the oldest independent app in the market.

AllStays App
AllStays App

With over 30k campgrounds, AllStays offers the best range of campgrounds. Like other apps, it helps you find different services via a quick search.

In addition, you also get turn-by-turn navigation. You can currently use AllStays only on the browser and iOS store by paying a one-time price of $9.99.

AllStays has been reviewed by various publishers such as Wired, App Advice, Techlicious, and Motorhome Forums.


  • One-touch accessibility to explore and book campgrounds
  • Various data filters
  • Universal app for iPhone/iPad
  • One time purchase fee
  • Quick resources – roads check, emergency service, etc.
  • Over 30k campgrounds with different filters such as private, public, national/state forests, country, BLM, Army areas, etc.
  • In-depth campground details – Website, booking, contact details, reviews, elevation, price, amps, toilets, propane, pet-friendly, etc. (I’ve also listed some of the best RV leveling apps for iOS & Android users, do check them out)
  • Works offline
  • Also considered one of the best RV dumping station apps online


  • AllStays is currently functional only in US & Canada only.

6. GasBuddy

  • Users: 10,000,000+ on Android
  • Ratings: 4.5 rated by 820,680 RVers (4.7 rated by 424.5k RVers on iOS)
  • Price: Free
  • Download: iOS & Android

Like navigation, gas is 2nd most important requirement & I suggest you measure your RV gas requirement to budget your trip.

GasBuddy App

GasBuddy is the best resource or app to save money on fuel. According to the brand, North Americans have saved over $3 billion by checking apps for cheap fuel prices on their route. Gasbuddy has over 150,000 gas stations that offer the best fuel price with cashback & rewards. In addition, it has an outage tracker & checklist feature as well.

The app has been featured in USA Today, Forbes & other famous publishers for their quality work.


  • Pay via GasBuddy
  • Track driving habits
  • Regards/Cashbacks
  • Report gas prices
  • Log your gas fill-ups
  • Win gas


  • The app shows gas prices for USA & Canada only.


Which is the best RV navigation app?

Google Maps is the best free RV navigation app in the market today. However, if you want to buy a specific RV app, RV Life & CoPilot are the best apps.

How do I find an RV-Friendly route?

You can use CoPilot & RV Life to find the best route. Both apps provide different information related to the road, such as elevation, 2D/3D maps, etc. This will help to plan your preferred road before starting your journey.

Do Apple Maps have RV routes?

You can import RV routes in our Apple Maps through apps like RV Trip Wizard and safely navigate to your preferred location.

Does Google Maps have an RV setting?

Unlike specific RV apps, Google Maps don’t provide any kind of RV settings. However, you can plan your trip using provided features.

How an RV GPS works?

An RV GPS works similar to any GPS app. Below given is the functionality of an RV GPS:

1. Download your favourite app
2. Install & allow access to your current location
3. Now, pick your adventure destination


  • Continue usage of GPS can decrease our device’s battery life.


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