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What Info You Get From International Shipping Companies About Ghana or England Shipping

What Info You Get From International Shipping Companies About Ghana or England Shipping

International Shipping Companies are there to help you in transferring your goods to countries like Ghana and England, it is significant to point here that Ghana and England are one of the many countries which follow rigid international trade, and customs practices. Therefore, if you are seriously thinking on moving your household goods to any of these countries, you should immediately make the choice after shipping and comparing the international shipping companies. Once reliable choice of the cargo and freight shipping company is made, then you will get the following information for shipping to England and Ghana.

Shipping to England

When shipping to England you need to have the original passport available. In case you are also shipping vehicle, make sure that it is neither a brand new vehicle nor too old, because in either cases you will not be able to transfer your vehicle. Moreover, you should also produce correct purchase invoice before the customs officials in the England. The entire inventory should be written in English and make up in your mind that you do not conceal any article of utility. Furthermore, when shipping to England, your cargo should not include prohibited list of items or else your cargo will be confiscated at the port by the customs officials without prior notice. There are several categories of pets which are not allowed in England, and for which purpose, the international shipping company will provide you complete and detailed information. Finally, you should also need to make sure that all shipping documents are updated and signed by the authorized signatories.

Shipping to Ghana

It is your time to move to Ghana and for which reason you need to think actively on shipping to Ghana. The very first thing that you need to make sure is customs documentation. The essential customs documents required by you will be Passport, Letter of Transfer from your employer, Ghana Customs Form C.12, Inventory in English, Personal Unaccompanied Baggage Declaration Form which will be filled by you at arrival in Ghana. If you do not fill the Personal Unaccompanied Baggage Declaration Form, penalty may be levied by the Ghana customs officials.

The lists of duty able and restricted goods which are considered duty able by the authorities include medications, electrical appliances, as well as new electrical items. It is also important to note here that only one electric item per family is allowed. If the medications are carried for the purpose of first aid, then no duty will be charged by the Ghana customs officials.

The list of prohibited items which are not allowed when Shipping to Ghana includes drugs, Pornographic material, Explosives, Counterfeit money, alcohol, and list of other spirits, besides Firearms and weapons. You may be allowed to ship the firearms and weapons only in the situation where proof of ownership, Import License, Police Withdrawal Permit, and License is shown to the customs officials.

Remember, only left hand drive vehicles are allowed in Ghana and moreover, if your vehicle is over 5 years old, you need to pay high customs duty.