Some Hertz customers face arrest. What are your rights?

Renting a car can be a demanding procedure for customers who are not accustomed to the contracts, insurance policies decisions, credit score card retains and inspections. 

The past issue you want when on family vacation, or working with an additional car in the store, is to have a dispute more than injury or late return of a rental motor vehicle. 

Far more than 230 buyers who rented from Hertz in the previous decade have been hit with surprising prison rates, accused of stealing vehicles they contend they legally rented, paid for and in some situations returned yrs before. 

Shopper advocates have guidelines for how to shield oneself from potential car rental complications, fees or legal difficulty. 

COULD Renting A Car Direct TO JAIL?:If you’ve rented a automobile from Hertz, there could be a warrant out for your arrest

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