Seven-Second GTI Hides A Secret

Seven-Second GTI Hides A Secret [video]

You may well be wanting to know why the opening two pics of this article are around identical. Seem intently, can you see it? Not the two exhaust exits on the identical facet of the automobile. Have to have a lot more clues? In just one pic the car is spinning its entrance tyre, whereas in the other it’s the rear wheel that is executing a burnout. That is due to the fact the 7-next GTI hides a secret… a 2nd motor.

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Not a new idea

We know that a twin-engined Golfing is not a new notion. Volkswagen Motorsport developed the 1987 Golfing Mk2 ‘Pikes Peak’. This prototype was designed for the demanding Pikes Peak Hillclimb in Colorado, Usa. It has two turbocharged engines generating a combined 480 kW of electric power.

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The element auto in this video clip is owned by Bruce Morehouse. Morehouse happens to be from Colorado, coincidence? it’s possible. Anyway, his is no everyday Golfing GTI. It also has two turbocharged engines, both equally are VR6 models. The just one in front displaces 2,9 litres and the rear unit is 3, litres. Each individual is fed by a unique dimensions turbocharger. This benefits in various electrical power outputs for each and every set of pushed wheels.

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Furthermore, each individual engine sends electricity to the floor as a result of its individual transmission, which is why Bruce is able to do burnouts independently for each and every axle. Peak ability from both engines is claimed to be north of 1 600 kW. As a final result, the seven-second GTI can do above 300 km/h in the quarter mile. Look at the auto in motion and pay attention to the owner clarify some of the car’s intricacies and problems in the video down below. out?v=_YjwDcq_KgM

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