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Land Rover Defender 90 Price, Specs, Photos & Review


Defender 90 Price

The iconic Land Rover Defender 90 for sale is a single of the original Land Rover sequence in production from 1990-2016. This rugged, quintessentially British car is a highly capable off-highway SUV with a drivetrain that usually takes it any place and all over the place. The Defender’s unique, minimalist styling is classic and unmistakable, as at residence on safari in Africa as it is on the homestead in Europe. It is a workhorse, via and via, which is why the Defender legacy proceeds to persist in some variety considering the fact that its primary introduction in the late 1940s.

The Land Rover Defender 90 selling price may differ commonly based on the affliction of the auto. Numerous Defender 90s are imported, destined for restoration, when other individuals have been outfitted with current consoles, plush leather-based interiors and rebuilt or upgraded engines. Restored and refinished Defender 90s effortlessly command quality pricing thanks to the finite source and luxury connotation.

Interestingly, an even scaled-down subset of Defender 90 examples (the NAS) were being imported for sale to the American market place in 1994, 1995, and 1997. In 1998, cars and trucks sold in the US had been essential to have airbags and Land Rover stopped offering Defenders domestically relatively than comply. A pristine Land Rover Defender 90 is a rarity, as they are among the the couple SUVs to recognize in price.

Old and new Defender 90 examples are celebrated around the world.

Defender 90 Evaluate

No Defender 90 review would be complete without mentioning that at its main, the D90 Defender is a no-frills, no-nonsense motor vehicle. It off-roadways superbly. The shorter, 92.9-inch wheelbase is comparatively nimble, and distinguishes the 90 from its for a longer period siblings, primarily the Defender 110 wagon, and other iterations of the Defender. It is one of the few automobiles that exist practically apart from time—cool throughout output and even cooler now. All of these features can be discussed in component by the fact that the Land Rover Defender is 1 of the most historic automobiles to have been developed as long as it was. With roots as far again as the 1940s, the Defender perfected its off-roading components and has enhanced on it in the a long time considering that, currently being relied on all that time to go where by most other vehicles could not. The Defender also spurred and inspired waves of SUVs that adopted and always will have the cachet of remaining just one of the originals.

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The design and style is basically utilitarian, so don’t be dissatisfied with the sum of time that the Defender usually takes to get to 60mph. This long lasting character shines in other places, like when it arrives to fording rivers or navigating Britain’s muddy countryside with relieve. Defenders consider on steep grades and daring drops that other automobiles ought to prevent. Expect the cabin to be stuffed with engine and road noise. And the original seats are marginally not comfortable, but all that is definitely just a section of the allure.  

Land Rover Defender 90 Specs

  • Rate: <$50,000
  • Engine: 2.5L Inline-5 Turbo
  • Transmission: 5-speed Manual
  • Horsepower: 122
  • Torque: 221 lb-ft
  • 0-60 mph: N/A
  • 1/4 mile: N/A
  • Top Speed: 75 mph
The final Land Rover Defender 90 engine and transmission.

Defender 90 Engine

There are many Land Rover Defender 90 engine options thanks to consistent improvements over its long production life. The Defender 90 is available in both petrol and the ever-popular turbodiesel versions. After 1990, the 2.5L 200Tdi revolutionized the Defender line with its increased efficiency and reliability. This is the first engine to let the Defender cruise along at high speeds while towing heavy loads on hills and remain economical.

Land Rover Defender 90 with V8 power were typically sold in countries with cheaper fuel costs or where maximum power output was required. In 1994, the 2.5L 300Tdi, offered a new, better diesel engine design. Between 1997 and 2001, Land Rover South Africa built 652 Defender 90’s with a powerful 2.8i BMW M52 petrol engine, great for traveling difficult terrain like sand dunes. The BMW engine produced the fastest production Defender ever made. In 1998, the Td5 engine, capable of meeting new emissions standards in Europe, was released. 

A desirable transmission in any defender 90 is a six speed manual

Defender 90 Transmission

The Land Rover Defender 90 transmission options are mostly limited to either a four, five or six-speed standard manual transmission with the LT230 transfer case. The high strength “Santana” five-speed is noteworthy for its consistent performance. In 1998, the SV90, a special edition sported the rare automatic transmission.

The NAS Defender 90, sold in the US in 1994 and 1995 includes a strong R-380 manual transmission. In 1998, the NAS Defender 90 used a different, premium four-speed automatic transmission. Finally, the Defender SVX is one of the earliest to sport a six-speed manual permanent four-wheel-drive transmission to commemorate Land Rover’s 60th anniversary.

Every Defender 90 interior combines luxury and utility.

Defender 90 Interior

The Defender 90 interior is strikingly minimalist it’s difficult to tell from the interior the difference between a later iteration and a 90s Land Rover Defender. True to its workhorse ethos, it is sparse, functional and basic. The angular dash remains consistent through the production run and includes an easy to read display. The parking brake is peculiarly placed by the driver’s right leg. The Defender 90 comes standard with a two or three-seater bench and rear auxiliary seating over the wheel wells. Land Rover built the Defender 90 knowing that its driver would want to brave conditions and terrain that other drivers wouldn’t dare to, so the interior reflected its prospective owner’s Spartan toughness, and rugged, purposeful intentions.

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Restored and upgraded Defender 90s often come equipped with much more comfortable and stylish leather interiors and carpeting. Many have modified the original configuration to include two front bucket seats with a center console. Some Defender 90s are also fitted with two rear bucket seats or jump seats on either side of the cargo bay. Standard rear skylights and optional sunroofs brighten up the interior.  Of course, these restored and upgraded models mean steep increases for the Land Rover Defender price. The two-door 90 also has a side-opening door in the back that zips open on the soft top or unlocks in the hard-top.  

Convertible Land Rover 90 examples sell for big money.

Defender 90 Brakes

The Defender 90 comes standard with a disc braking system, often with venting in the front. Several original Defenders are not equipped with Anti-lock brakes. ABS features come standard in the more recent model years. Unsurprisingly, stopping a vehicle as heavy as a Land Rover Defender requires significant pressure on the brake pedal, but the original brakes do perform well enough.

Early Defender 90 brakes are often upgraded aftermarket to match enhanced engine performance. Some Defender 90 owners opt to outfit their vehicles with the larger, more powerful discs, rear calipers and braking pads from the Defender 110 to deliver smoother, more controlled stops.  

This Defender 90 is kitted out for action.

Defender 90 Standout Features

The sporty Defender 90 is available with a host of unique features. The canvas Defender soft-top and convertible versions are extremely popular and were brought back thanks to customer demand. The soft top offers clear plastic panels with zippered rear access. Recent updates, including heated windscreens and seats and front power windows were introduced to help the Defender appeal to a luxury audience.

Beyond that, the Defender looks good and suffers long. Throughout its production run, it has always been excellent at what it set out to do. Whether you have the latest version, or a 1990 Land Rover Defender, you know you have a capable and dependable off-roader. It has incredible towing capacity and sustained strength thanks to the prevalence of her revamped diesel engines. This impressive three-door with standard 4×4 equipment solidifies the Defender as a viable off-road contender, capable of taking on aggressive territories with ease.  The tough metal frame with functional accents, like ladders, roof racks, and LED floodlights round out what makes the Defender worth the money. With a heritage like this, you can be sure that Defender fever won’t subside anytime soon. 

Image Source: Land Rover


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