June 22, 2024

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Klang Valley’s worsening traffic jams and what it does to our bodies – here’s what to do about it


A hot subject these times are how negative visitors has gotten about the previous thirty day period or so. There are heaps of motives why this is going on – extra reopening of the economic climate with no a lot more detrimental lists and restrictions in organizations allowed to run, Raya open houses, complete reopening of educational institutions, and more corporations ending their operate from residence guidelines.

A short while ago I used a whole of 6 hrs on the road, travelling across the Klang Valley from Shah Alam to Subang to Cheras and back for many appointments. The subsequent working day, my knees started out sensation a small funny going down stairs and I felt a normal stiffness in my leg muscle groups.

You see, the human human body is not definitely manufactured to be in a sitting down place for a extensive period of time. This is why you are constantly encouraged to get up, stretch and stroll all around every fifty percent an hour if you’re at a desk work.

But driving a car can be a large amount even worse than a desk task. You’re more limited to be in a sure situation for the reason that of the steering wheel and pedal positions. And you definitely simply cannot stand up to walk all-around if you’re caught in a 1-2 hour visitors jam can you?

Caught in a sitting down posture for a extensive time crushes your hamstring (back of your thigh) and glute (butt) muscle mass below the full body weight of your overall body. Your hip flexor (muscle mass that pulls your leg up at the hip joint) muscle mass also gets limited for the reason that it’s in a contracted position for a extensive time.

There is this sort of a factor named “dead butt syndrome” or “gluteal amnesia” the place your butt muscles weaken simply because you are always sitting down. Your system in essence forgets what their function are and how to use them.

Your glutes are meant to be significant and powerful to assist assist your posture and when they’re taken out of perform, you shed an essential guidance pillar, and the result can be all types of pains and aches right here and there – in your knees, and in your reduced back.

We all know how a lot of Malaysians have difficulties in their knees and backs proper? This is because we sit all the way to the place of work in the targeted visitors jam, and then we keep on to sit at our desks and sit in the site visitors jam all the way home once again.

If you expend several hours in website traffic day to day like me, it would be a good thought to do some exercise routines everyday to counter the consequences of becoming in a sitting down situation for prolonged periods. It would be genuinely valuable for you to do them even if you’re not a fitness center rat so you will not be influenced by “dead butt syndrome”.

You can do either a single of these two routines in these videos I have embedded. They will assist reinforce your weakened glutes, and isolate them to do some perform to remind your entire body that they exist.

Decide on whichever you sense extra comfortable doing. I desire the solitary leg hip thrust as I favor it to lying flat on the ground. I use the couch at my workplace as the location to anchor the middle of my back. Just do 3 sets of up to 10 reps just about every, for every facet. It’s all right if you cannot do 10 when you start out off, just maintain likely at it.

This is a good basic way to get started if you do not have much time in your working day, as it’s only 3 sets of just one workout and should not take way too much time. If you’re fascinated to development further, then you can start out wanting for a own trainer to get professional guidance.



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