May 23, 2024

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Toyota Announces New GR Corolla Morizo Edition


Within the cabin are distinctive pink-and-black Ultrasuede and leather-based seats — with holes for mounting a racing harness — and an Ultrasuede steering wheel with a great deal of purple accents. Even though the rear seat disappeared for the sake of conserving weight, Toyota does notice that you can have ample place to fit 4 more tires for a observe day in the back again irrespective of the structural bracing. When President Akio Toyoda set out to make a automobile he was happy to set his name on, he meant it.

What’s with that Morizo Edition title?

If you happen to be a Toyota supporter, then this may well be old news to you, but the title Morizo has a bit of a backstory. Back again in 2007, Akio Toyoda (then vice president of Toyota, now the president) required to branch out into extra racing and to use the endeavor to hone the advancement of the automaker’s cars and trucks. The hard work wasn’t officially permitted by the firm at the time, so a amount of personnel, like Akio Toyoda himself, went racing at the famous 24 Several hours of Nürburgring stamina race.

Toyoda experienced obtained some criticism for the shift, with some believing it was too harmful for an individual in his posture. He made the decision to race under the name Morizo, kicking off an appealing period in which his accurate identification was neither confirmed nor denied by Toyota’s media relations crew.

The 2023 Toyota GR Corolla Morizo Version was analyzed thoroughly at a amount of Japanese racetracks, as very well as rally programs in snow and dust. In addition to a crew of expert motorists and experts, Toyoda himself put in time behind the wheel creating absolutely sure it was deserving to not only wear the GR title but the similar pseudonym utilized by Toyoda, not only the president but GR master driver.

Edmunds suggests

This limited version of Toyota’s newest incredibly hot hatch has all the right things and claims an enjoyable and special knowledge.


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