November 27, 2022

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The Bu-Merc

For all intents and reasons, Briggs Cunningham is the grandfather of American Grand Prix racing. You in all probability know his identify from his Corvette attempts at Le Mans, but it was really rather a very long road to France. In reality, one particular of his first efforts was realized in 1939 when he built America’s 1st sporting activities vehicle. No shit.

Briggs commenced with what was regarded the most popular stock car or truck in North The united states at the time – a 1939 Buick  Century. He ripped the system off the chassis, moved the engine down 2.5-inches and rearward another 6.5, and then identified as on Phil Shafer to sizzling rod the Buick 8 motor. The head was cleaned up, a cam was floor, and the compression was bumped from the primary 6.4:1 to 9.5:1.

For the physique, Briggs wished one thing that was both of those light and authorized easy entry to the mechanicals. Soon after thinking of a selection of distinctive alternatives, he settled on an SSK Mercedes physique that he located in a wrecking property. Byron Jersey taken care of building the essential modifications to get the Merc overall body on the Buick Body. Later on, the Bu-Merc was all set for motion.

Its very first examination came in 1940 at the New York World’s Honest. With Miles Collier at the wheel, the car confirmed great potential. But, at some point the Buick brakes begun to fade and shortly Miles uncovered himself firmly planted into a telephone pole. Not lengthy just after, WWII broke and all racing was cancelled.

By 1948, the war was around and racing was heating up throughout the world at the time far more. Briggs had the Bu-Merc again with each other and entered the auto into the Watkins Glen Grand Prix. Dealing with his own driving duties, Briggs concluded next to a 2.9-liter Alfa coupe. The future 12 months, the Bu-Merc created a further physical appearance and completed third – beating out Ferraris, Alfas, and Maseratis.

Ultimately, time and technology caught up with the vehicle and the only detail Briggs could do was retire the Bu-Merc and shift on to other endeavors and platforms. I have normally considered it was fascinating that Briggs known as the Bu-Merc his initial “hot rod.” There would be a couple of extra in his future… Possibly I’ll do a brief heritage of people next.

Right up until then, love these good photographs of the Bu-Merc from Peter Harholt:


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