June 22, 2024

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MST Mk1: Is this the ultimate rally recreation?


But with just the proper mix of grip amount, regulate weight and comments, and with the 1st-level human body management and chassis balance the Mk1 already demonstrates, this could be an remarkable road car or truck. As it is, it is presently a very unique just one: similarly magnificent in the two how it appears and how it seems supremely raw, evocative, analogue and absorbing in how it drives, and prepared for a great offer more than just highway use, if you are so inclined.

In the correct company, it is also quite the big offer, I need to acknowledge. This may possibly be of no interest whatsoever to its would-be entrepreneurs, or it may well be at the heart of the car’s attractiveness, but if you want to gain mates and impact passers-by amid the mountains and forests of North Wales, never go there in a German sports automobile or an Italian supercar. The locals see a lot of those. No, just take them a domestically built rallying icon with a blood-and-thunder Cosworth engine and, even as an interloping Englishman, you are going to be welcomed like a returning king.

The Escort Mk1’s rallying CV

The Mk1 Escort obtained notoriety for its rally successes, even though in the key it competed before each company and driver championship factors began to be awarded like they are currently.

The car’s successes at the RAC Rally have been mirrored by comparable victories on the 1000 Lakes Rally, where by Timo Mäkinen’s household gain paid dividends. There ended up early successes for the automobile elsewhere in the 1960s, as well as Hannu Mikkola’s popular London to Mexico World Cup Rally party win, for which the Escort Mexico highway motor vehicle was named.


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