June 13, 2024

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Living and commuting with a big EV


I’ve been operating the Citroën for the earlier couple of months as a long-termer for Go Electric, Autocar’s new sister brand (go and have a search, it is seriously extremely fantastic). And right until that position, I had felt that for all its brilliant boxy practicality, the ë-Berlingo was fundamentally flawed, owing to a real-earth selection of probably 130 miles if you go everywhere in close proximity to a motorway, dropping perilously near to 100 miles in cold weather conditions.

For anybody who has experienced the sheer practical pleasure of the ‘regular’ Berlingo (now axed, a victim of EU fleet emissions targets), that range was restricting. Each and every journey of 100- moreover miles essential a good quantity of planning, with a number of fallbacks to account for the vagaries of the UK’s charging network. That’s correct of any EV, of study course, but most contemporary kinds give you considerably additional leeway.

But a distinct comparison supplies a distinct context. Indeed, the assortment is definitely limiting and, given that I almost never lug a great deal things all around, I would fortunately surrender a chunk of the ë-Berlingo’s just about unfathomably substantial inside in return for a greater battery. But flip it another way: the ë-Berlingo offers space, size and practicality unmatched by almost any other electric automobile of its footprint (aside from its badge-engineered Fiat, Peugeot, Toyota and Vauxhall siblings, of course). Absolutely sure, the Tesla Product X is large, seats 7 (like an ë-Berlingo XL) and has those neat gullwing doorways. But I will choose the ë-Berlingo’s less complicated and extra usable side-sliding rear passenger doorways and its amazingly uncomplicated-to-fill sq. load location.


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