December 2, 2022

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Koenigsegg Announces A Partnership And Investment In Solar Car Brand Lightyear


Partnering with Lightyear, Koenigsegg invests in an bold upcoming.

Lightyear is a Dutch model that is now building the world’s very first photo voltaic automobile, the Lightyear , which is reported to enter manufacturing this drop. It options solar panels that enable the motor vehicle to be billed while driving and parked, and with financial investment and partnership from Koenigsegg, the Lightyear 2, Lightyear’s 2nd design, will get the rewards of Koenigsegg’s know-how by the time the design goes in production in 2024 or 2025.

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Koenigsegg is regarded the globe around for its unfathomably rapid and able autos, feeling the want to coin a phrase further than hypercars, “megacars,” to explain the creations the model is dependable for. The innovations that the manufacturer is accountable for are amazing, like the immediate generate procedure in the Regera, the TFG motor in the Gemera, and loads of many others that redefine functionality. Collectively, both of those Koenigsegg and Lightyear system to partner with the hope of shedding some light-weight on not only the performance car business but the automotive globe as a complete.

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