December 9, 2022

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Google will auto-delete abortion clinic visits from user location history


Google claims it’ll start off instantly deleting visits to abortion clinics, domestic violence shelters, weight decline clinics, and other perhaps delicate destinations from users’ locale histories in the coming months. In a site publish on Friday, the enterprise states that the deletion will transpire “soon after” the stop by, once its methods have recognized that a vacation was made to one particular of the locations. This modify is taking place in the wake of the Supreme Court’s final decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and the moves a number of states have straight away built to outlaw abortions.

You can also turn off Google’s area logging entirely by next its instructions here.

Google’s put up, entitled “Protecting people’s privateness on health matters,” also mentions that there is an update coming for Fitbit that will let you delete multiple menstruation logs at the moment if you’ve been making use of the wellness tracking characteristic.

These privateness updates are meant to get rid of select information from Google’s servers that could be utilised to prosecute individuals for seeking care, but the company however merchants a great deal of other knowledge about your activities. Search and YouTube histories could also be utilized as proof in investigations, and Google’s write-up does not mention something about people. We have attained out to Google to talk to about any other measures it may possibly be getting to safeguard users’ data.

Whilst Google lawfully has to comply with particular govt requires for details (and could be compelled to switch over logs if they exist), the business reiterates that it will “continue to oppose needs that are extremely wide or otherwise legally objectionable.” Google also says that it will notify users when it provides their knowledge to the government, except it’s been purchased not to do so or there is a urgent safety worry.

Data privateness issues all-around abortion go past Google: formal healthcare records aren’t as non-public as quite a few of us believe, and all the things from text messages and acquire data could be used against you in court docket. Furthermore, the company isn’t always the only entity preserving tabs on where your smartphone has been. For extra data, you can browse our post that goes in depth on the privacy dangers that people trying to find treatment may well now experience.


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