June 22, 2024

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Flaming KTM X-Bow Rolls Away Without Driver at Nürburgring 24


The Nürburgring 24 Hours is arguably the most difficult stamina race in the earth. The trouble of the 15.7-mile Nürburgring circuit goes without indicating. When you add in the other variables of the race, it seems unattainable. In modern decades, unpredictable temperature situations have featured every single sort of precipitation, from rain and sleet to snow and hail. Motorists also have to share a narrow ribbon of pavement with a subject of around 130 other autos. Although, no driver would at any time anticipate an empty KTM to roll throughout their path in flames.

All through the sixth hour of the race, a KTM X-Bow pulled off the monitor at Aremberg. Fires had been spewing out the back. As the fire unfold, the driver, Felix von der Laden, opened the X-Bow’s hatch door but did not exit the burning car or truck. When Von der Laden ultimately climbed out, the car or truck rolled absent down the hill to Fuchsröhre. The flaming X-Bow rolls down the pavement prior to listing about into the limitations on the proper facet. Then the vehicle violently lower throughout the observe and smashed into the Armco obstacles on the reverse aspect.

Felix von der Laden described how it transpired in an interview:

“Approaching Schwedenkreuz, I experienced no ability, the petrol strain dropped and that’s when I saw the flames in the rear watch digicam,” he stated. “I then experimented with to cease as swiftly as achievable. At the put up within Aremberg, I activated the onboard hearth extinguisher and stayed in the cockpit as extensive as possible due to the fact I wished to hit the brakes. When that didn’t work and there was more and much more smoke in the cockpit, I experienced to get out. The car or truck has no handbrake and so it rolled off. There was no halting it.”

Retiring early from a 24-hour race is never a very good experience. But, getting your vehicle endure a catastrophic failure and burst into flames is at least a memorable way to make an early exit.


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