July 24, 2024

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Electric Car Motor – Different Electric Motors For Your Electric Car

Electric Car Motor – Different Electric Motors For Your Electric Car

Pure electric and hybrid cars are becoming more popular these days because of many factors. People are now thinking about electric cars as a realistic solution for day to day commuting in the city. Those who live and work within a short mileage range are more open for this solution because it suits their needs, as they do not face the problems of car charging in the middle of the trip and it is much cheaper than gasoline car. In addition to this, the electric car motor do not need the same frequent maintenance of the gasoline car motor so, it is a better choice for these moms who do not need to worry about such item in their lives.

The first and most popular electric motor is the DC Motor, there are several manufacturers specialized in this type and it is produced massively to cover the increasing demand on this type of motors. People love it because it is relatively cheap, easy to install and has a very good power rate. This motor is depending on the same theory of the electric drill motor so, it is able to give you the maximum speed from the first moments of operation.

Another important electric car motor is the permanent DC magnet motor. Although this type of motors is very popular, its biggest drawback is that it has higher sound than the DC motor because of the brushes and the winding action it has.

The third popular electric car motor is the three – phase AC electric motor. This one may be less popular than the DC motors but, it has better energy consumption. One of the major draw backs is that this motor needs lot of work to get it installed in your electric car because of the inverter you have to install beside it.