June 22, 2024

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Car’s Engine and Tires: 10 Useful Tips


When should you change the car’s oil? When to change your tires, brake pads, or spark plugs? 


Servicing your car on a regular basis helps you avoid sudden breakdowns. Whatever the model of your car, or whether you want to keep the ride or sell your car in Dubai, regular maintenance remains the same for all vehicles.

The ABC of car safety is the same for all:

  • Checking the tire pressure & condition.
  • Monitoring the fluid level of the: coolant, brake fluid, engine oil, and oil filter.
  • Testing the battery.
  • Checking the brake pads.
  • Checking the condition of the lights.


General Information on Auto Maintenance and Repair


The maintenance and eventual repair of your car can take a heavy toll on your car budget, but you must not turn a blind eye to them. They can affect the car valuation process dramatically.


If your car is more than 4 years old, you should take it for technical inspection. That is useful to detect any major breakdown before it happens.


Service is every 20,000 km to 30,000 km. The mechanic checks the brake pads, tires, air filters, coolant and brake fluid, engine oil.


The more you learn about auto mechanics, the more comfortable you will feel in the event of a breakdown or at your garage.


Because every driver is different, it is necessary to take stock of the essentials to know how to maintain your car properly.


The Tires

Worn tires = danger!

Keep an eye on your tire wear. Poorly maintained or too old tires do not adhere sufficiently to the road.

You can assess the wear of your tires without professional help:


  1. Compare the main grooves of your tires. You must change them as soon as the grooves lose their depth. 


  1. If any of your tires show cuts, change it. Remember that tires change in pairs.


  1. Check the pressure regularly. The ideal tire pressure depends on the model of your car, however, it’s usually between 1.8 and 3.4 bar.


  1. You should check your tire pressure when the car is cold. When you start driving your car, it starts to heat up. That leads to a slight change in the pressure measurement by approximately 0.3 bar. However, do not deflate your tires. 


  1. Over-inflation also poses stability problems on the road. Only overloaded vehicles can have over-inflated tires to compensate.


The Engine

Drain the engine, it is under intense stress.


  1. Diesel or gasoline, it is important to take care of the engine. To optimize its operation and extend its life, you should change the oil every 5,000 km to 7,500 km depending on the age of the vehicle.


  1. Engine oil has two jobs: lubricating all parts, and cleaning the engine of impurities. To avoid damaging the engine, you should keep your eye on the oil regularly.


  1. Whether your car has a gasoline or diesel engine, it is best to service your vehicle every 8 months.


  1. Beyond the technical control or the traditional oil change, there are several points to check: change the oil filter, the pollen filter, check the condition of the battery, monitor the brake fluid, check the timing belt and hoses.


  1. Change the spark plugs on gasoline engines and the diesel filter on diesel engines every 3 years or 60,000 km. Be aware that a clogged filter or old spark plugs can lead to excessive fuel consumption.


Bad for your engine, bad for your wallet!

So keep an eye out and watch out for the first signs of your engine being weak. It might be time to come to your mechanic for a check-up.


Author: Mohamad Omary

 Mohamad Omary is the Managing Director of Car Wise. Car Wise.ae is a car buying company that has established itself as the go-to partner for those who want to quickly sell their used cars in the UAE; reaching 20,000 satisfied customers with their easy car selling process and excellent customer service.

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